Seeing a Doctor看医生(一)

???????? In north,when it comes season-changing period,the temperature always fluctuates greatly, especially the period from?
?? summer to autumn.At these periods, there are always many peole getting ill such as cold , fever,cough,or something.
???????? The other day ,autumn was coming.It was always suddenly warm and suddenly cold.Many students were taken ill,among?
?? whom was Feng .On a Friday afternoon,about 4 o'clock.He came? to school clinic .There were some students queuing .The?
?? doctor was as busy as a bee .The queue crept forwrd slowly.It has been past about 20 minutes before it was Feng's turn.
??????? "What's wrong with you?"the doctor asked indifferently with a husky voice and blocke d nose ,not raising her head but?
?? noting his information down on the prescription paper hurrily.
??????? "My mouth is always very dry and I feel a little dizzy.Sometimes my nose is blocked ."He answered weakly,though he?
? tried to perform strongly.
??????? Finishing her noting ,the doctor stood up and pushed Feng's forehead behind ,"Ah...ah,,,"
??????? "Ah...ah..."
??????? Retreating back to her seat,"Perhaps you have a fever .Get your temperature." analysed the doctor,passing him a?
? thermometer and implicating him to stand aside .
??????? The doctor went on being busy.There was still a long queue.Pressing the thremometer ,Feng stood aside ,waiting ,with?
? face a little pink.
??????? Some fire minutes later ,he took out the thremometer .The white thin post had dashed up to almost 39centigrades .The
? doctor was still busy,not stopping .he was still waiting..Some minutes again,the doctor jerked to him suddenly,as if?? something
? important? invaded into her brain "Oh,my God !what is the temperature?"
???????? "38.8centigrades ."answerde he ,more weakly,passing the thermometer back.The doctor put it aside ,not checking.
???????? "Oh,very serious ."said she ,appearently thoughtfully.
???????? "Wait a moment more ,OK? So many patients !" she lamented . Not waiting his response ,she had remove her attention??? to?
?? another.
???????? The doctor was still busy. Feng was still waiting ,face still a little pink and nose blocked .Some times he reminded?
?? the doctor ,but got noreacting.
???????? some half an hour past again,students were few.And at that time,there had been 4 students standing by Feng for their
?? fever .?
???????? Then the doctor stood up,clearingher throat , announced tothe queuing patients ,"Students ,wait a moment ,please
??? OK?"
???????? They have waited for a long time ."explained she ,pointing the fevers .
???????? They said Yes reluctantly,making loud noise with their blocked nose .
???????? The doctor turned to the fevers,"You all have a fever and need transfusion.Do you have time ?"
???????? All said YES except Feng,"I' M sorry,doctor .I don't want transfusion.Could you give me some effective medicine ?"
?? "Your state is the most serious.It will take a long time to recover if no transfusion."the doctor emphasized high-??? pitchedlly ,little angry.She did not want to spand much time on one patient.There were too many patients and she was???? tired after working continuously for over an hour.
???????? Feng opende his mouth but said nothing ,because the doctor had dived in writing prescriptionfor him.
???????? Soon,the doctor finished it .Taking the paper ,Feng thanked the doctor and then dragged his feet toward the Medicine
??? Room.From the hasty handwriting ,he could learning about that he would be transfused four bottles of liquid .
???????? About 5:30,the liquid had began to flow into his vein .His face still a little pink,he sat in a chair,closed his???? eyes and opened his mouth a little .Some noise came out occasionally from his blocked nose .
???????? The liquid was dripping drop by drop and the doctor was still a bee .

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